Outcomes of the International ‘REACT’ Campaign

Until August 2014, five of the Dianova Network's member organizations have launched the campaign, reaching an overall social impact of over 46 million people.

« Drugs & alcohol steal a huge part of your life. If you want to take it back, React. Dianova is here to help you each step of the way »

Designed and developed by the Externa Comunicació and Bloodymary Films, communication agencies, ‘REACT’ is a social advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness of the addiction related problems, while promoting Dianova activities and programs;

The 'REACT Campaign’ aimed at a wide audience, including young people 16 and older, young adults and adults up to 45 years – through graphic and video materials for both traditional and digital media: TV ads, 'making of' video for social networks, as well as printed (posters, postcards, large format posters, street signs) and digital materials (website and blog headers, profile images for social networking sites).

The campaign was implemented by a number of the Dianova network member organizations between November 2013 and August 2014 i.e. in Canada, Chile, Spain, Italy and Portugal

The REACT Campaign in Catalonia's Commuter Trains

The FGC, Catalonia's Railways Companyoffered advertising spaces in three of the Barcelona-Vallès commuter line, with an exhibition of 80 posters. The campaign ran for over one month starting from April 3rd, 2014. According to the information supplied by the FGC, the campaign is estimated to have reached an average of 22,000 people daily, for all three trains.

Italian TV Channels Partners of the Campaign

As of May 2014, a number of Italian private and public TV channels have chosen to endorse the ‘React’ campaign through the dissemination of the campaign’s video segments. Overall, the campaign has been aired 1898 times on these TV channels. Furthermore, based on new agreements with additional channels including the RAI network, the campaign will once again be broadcasted starting from the second half of 2015..

Tremendous Success in Portugal

In Portugal, the campaign was launched in collaboration with 80 partners, including agencies and sponsors, hospitals, universities, media companies and municipal chambers, and distributed through many different media (city panels, TV ads, free postcards, newspaper ads, the Internet and social networks). The React campaign generated a total of 31 news articles (press, TV, radio, Internet), including original articles, interviews and press releases. The campaign has also been widely disseminated in universities, hospitals, municipalities, the Lisbon Metro, etc. and reached over 16 million people; in addition the campaign’s return on investment amounted to 440,000 euros.

« I would like to congratulate Dianova for the outcomes of the React campaign which presented various contexts, at school, in a family environment and at work, and to stress its importance in the fields of addiction prevention and health promotion Dr Eduardo Quinta Nova – Municipal Chamber of Sintra