Outcomes of the EWODOR Symposium

The XVI International Ewodor Symposium, organized by Dianova, took place on September 22 and 23 in Rome


The main theme of the 2016 European Working Group on Drugs Oriented Research (EWODOR) Symposium was The Therapeutic Community (TC) Model as a Tool for Empowerment. The symposium devoted special attention to all of the elements that contribute to empowering therapeutic communities. Symposium sessions examined therapeutic methods, strategies, results, and consequences, emphasizing factors such as age and gender as well as family and legal dynamics.

Over 100 people from 14 countries took part in the Symposium, including officials from national and international agencies, professionals from across the field. The plenary session included nearly 50 presentations, six specialized workshops, and a closing session.

At the end of the symposium, participants completed a satisfaction survey, which reported the following results (1 = dissatisfied, 5 = very satisfied):

  • Overall symposium rating: average = 4,3
  • Symposium organization: average = 4,3
  • Symposium communications and materials: average = 3.4
  • Symposium contents (did it meet your expectations?): average = 4.4

Participants also used the survey to suggest topics that future symposia should examine in more depth, such as: dual diagnosis, eating disorders, gender-specific treatments, new trends in addiction TCs, evaluation of interventions in TCs, related medical problems, and social impact.

In closing, we would like to reiterate our strong conviction that academics, government officials, and civil society stakeholders must create opportunities for exchanging ideas. These discussions are crucial to finding effective solutions to current problems.

Download Executive Summary of symposium in Italian – document .pdf (translations in English, Spanish and French languages will be offere shortly)

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translators_without_bordersThe event’s photos are a courtesy of Rafael Muñoz de Andrés from imagenenaccion.org and part of the documents necessary to the symposium were translated by the volunteers of Translators without Borders. Many thanks to you all.

View the event’s photos on Flickr: here and here