Open House in Santa Lucia Therapeutic Community (Spain)


Addiction specialists acknowledge the value of therapeutic communities in treating addiction

On June 30, the Santa Lucia therapeutic community (Dianova Spain, Madrid region) held its annual open house, with the organization of a round-table debate under the theme: "Paths and advantages of a residential program". During the round-table debate, a number of professionals, doctors and addiction specialists agreed on the added value of the therapeutic community treatment model for helping substance abusers break the habits sustaining the use of drugs. 

"One of the most important benefits of therapeutic communities is that they allow to work on emotional aspects directly, while giving residents not only the living conditions conducive to quitting consumption patterns, but also new ways of behaving and interacting within a secure environment". Carmen Diez, clinical psychologist, family therapist and addiction specialist.

Ms Diez concluded her speech by recalling a passage from the classic Homer's Odyssey, in which Ulysses manages to overcome the irresistible attraction of the Siren's song with the help of his traveling companions. "It is possible to avoid being lured to the sirens' island through effort, discipline and a helping hand".

Later on, Ms Enriqueta Ochoa took the floor; according to Ms Ochoa, psychiatrist, responsible for the detoxification unit at Ramón y Cajal Hospital:

""In the first place, therapeutic communities allow residents to break free from regular consumption habits, then, after treatment completion they may reintegrate their communities and a normal life. In addition, TCs are of special relevance to people with a dual pathology of mental illness and addiction, for whom it is critical to engage a process of psychiatric rehabilitation while controlling substance use"

Breaking free from addiction after 36 years of drug abuse!

One of the day's most intense moment occurred at the end of the roundtable, when Vicente took the floor. This resident of Santa Lucia recounted his life experience after thirty-six years of drug use interspersed with periods of remission followed by relapses before entering Santa Lucia TC which allowed him to move forward, become responsible for his life and finally to break free from addiction.  

After lunch, served in the center's beautiful gardens, another emotional moment took place during the visit between the center's residents and their families. A number of special surprise activities were organized, among which a music concert. At the end of the day, in his closing remarks, César Osuna, director of Santa Lucia therapeutic community, thanked the participants and most importantly, the residents for their personal and collective commitment and the efforts they made to ensure the success of this Open House day in Santa Lucia.

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