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Dianova International & Rutas Escondidas launch a campaign to develop responsible tourism in Nicaragua

The NGO Dianova International is extending its range of activities in community building as well as its commitment with the Millennium Objectives and Post-2015 Development Agenda through a cooperation agreement with ‘Rutas Escondidas’ an agency dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism in Nicaragua.

Madrid, October 7, 2014

Nicaragua is a truly exceptional place to organize group travels, to share the country’s astounding landscapes and cultures as well as the richness and diversity of its nature. It is also a place where one can easily mingle with its people and share their worldview. Nicaragua offers a stimulating environment for the senses through a social and cultural diversity combined with a traditional ecological knowledge.

We organize trips for families, youth groups and students. Our range of services includes east to west, long-haul voyages, from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean as well as shorter routes for those  who have less time available. In addition, we offer tailored trips for seasoned travelers who are well aware of the places they want to visit, the activities they wish to carry out, and the time and budget they have to do so.

Our offer comprises alternatives to the most common destinations in Nicaragua, including the San Juan river or the ‘Laguna de Perlas‘ (Pearl Lagoon), two sites which have been described as “fantastic” by ‘Lonely Planet’, even though they still “see just a few dozen tourists a month”.

El Ostional Granada Leon Ometepe

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The objective of the campaign is twofold. On the one hand, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism in Nicaragua, through routes where travelers can contribute to the development of an educational project – without having to provide any volunteer of field work whatsoever (although they may do so if they want to). The proceeds from the sales of restaurant, transportation and hotel services stay in the hands of local communities.

las Marias

On the other hand, our objective is to provide travelers with valuable information and awareness about the values underlying responsible tourism, which will help make it more accessible and understandable to other fellow travelers.

This concept of social responsibility is exemplified by the Europeo Hotel in Managua, run by the Dianova Foundation in Nicaragua. The hotel’s mission is to: “provide hotel and restaurant quality services and close personal attention to our clients, while supporting social development through our non-profit Foundation”. The Foundation has implemented an educational project which has enabled thousands of young people to complete secondary education or to learn agricultural and forestry techniques which  have proved efficient in helping them find decent work opportunities.

The Europeo Hotel covers 75% of the costs of the Esther del Rio-Las Marias educational facility

One of the objectives of the Europeo Hotel is to become a point of reference in responsible tourism in Nicaragua, through the provision of quality information services, training courses for tourist guides and tour operators or the organization of events and seminars on responsible tourism in all its forms.

About Dianova & Rutas Escondidas

Dianova is an international NGO with consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), and official partner of UNESCO. The Dianova Network operates in 11 countries across Europe and the Americas, developing innovative programs and projects in the fields of education, youth, addiction prevention and treatment, and in the area of social and community development.

Dianova’s mission is to develop initiatives and programs with the objective of promoting personal self-reliance and social progress

Rutas Escondidas is an agency specializing in the development of responsible tourism development in Nicaragua. Its objective is to promote tourism and visits that respect the environment, involve participants and local producers while fostering locally-implanted human development. The vision of Rutas Escondidas is to be a model organization in solidarity, with responsible and high quality tourism activities.

Dianova International and Rutas Escondidas Escondidas invite you to discover Nicaragua in a sustainable and responsible fashion, while promoting local participation and sustainable, human development as a key element of a balanced tourism development.

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