Mocktails 2015 – 7th edition

Mocktails 2015


Prevention and health promotion in Portugal

From 18 to 23 May, the 7th edition of the “Mocktail”, community-based, outreach initiative was held in the city and schools of Torres Vedras, in Portugal. “Mocktails: Memories of a Night of Fun” is a health promotion initiative jointly implemented by Dianova Portugal and the Torres Vedras municipality, in collaboration with 42 local, regional and national partners. The initiative has impacted 6,035 people, among whom youth and adults, for an overall figure of 30,973 people impacted since its first edition.

On May 23, the initiative’s closing dinner at Quinta das Lapas, was marked by the presence of Dr. Carlos Bernardes, Vice Mayor of Torres Vedras and Dr. Joao Goulão, Director General of SICAD – Ministry of Health, among “health ambassadors” and other guests.

Given the positive impact the initiative has achieved since it was first implemented in 2009, it is now considered a United Nations’ best practice in the field of ??prevention and health promotion, and through the use of an outreach strategy to educate youth and adults and bring about more awareness to the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse as prominent risk factors for road accidents, absenteeism, attention deficit disorders and school dropout.

“Mocktails: Memories of a Night of Fun” is a playful approach with one of the main objectives of the EU Health Strategy “Together for Health” to promote health, prevent illnesses and develop environments fostering healthy lifestyles. As such, the initiative integrates a health promotion approach as a prerequisite to improving people’s quality of life through an intelligent and complementary partnership which has proven beneficial for Torres Vedras young and adult population.

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