May 1 – Many Thanks to All our Co-workers!

Workers' day

Many thanks to you all for your commitment to Dianova's Mission!!

Many countries worldwide celebrate on May 1st the International Workers' Day. For an organization like ours, May 1 is above all an opportunity of once again thanking our co-workers – i.e. all of our employees, volunteers, interns, consultants or independent workers – for their commitment to Dianova's mission statement..

Whether they work directly with our beneficiaries or in administrative and support services, all of our people have well deserved our thanks because they are real professionals, committed to their work. Yet this commitment goes beyond the mere professionalism of a skilled employee. Actually, working for an NGO is no easy task. Because of the scarcity of funds the opportunities for advancement or pay rise are often more limited than in the lucrative sector. What makes the difference is their dedication in helping the most vulnerable. It is the certainty of contributing to social progress, whatever their task.

On May 1, we'd like to pay a special tribute to all our employees directly assigned to care services, which is the case of more than seven out of ten employees on average in the Dianova network. A big thank to all of you because your job can sometimes be a difficult one in terms of emotional and human commitment.

At Dianova, these acknowledgments are not just on paper. They also take the form of an ongoing commitment to ensuring a good quality of life at work, in particular by providing our people with work-life balance, by creating rewarding work environments, by giving equal development opportunities to all and by ensuring gender equality.

For NGOs, these commitments can be difficult to hold. As they often require significant financial investment, at a time when most organizations are facing budget cuts and the need "to do more with less." However, our member organizations are fully committed to continue along the road of social progress. Simply because we owe it to all those who are our reason for being. Those for whom and by whom Dianova exists: our beneficiaries and staff members.

"One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry