International Women’s Day

International Women's Day - March on March 8

On march 8, the International Women’s Day, Dianova is organizing a side event to the 57th UN session on the status of women which is being held in New York. This event will focus on Dianova’s experience in this field and the means needed to combat violence against women and girls, including education. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, all Dianova employees wish to join UN efforts to demand rapid measures to bring these violences to an end

Together let’s speak out to end violence against women, because:

  • « In some countries as many as 7 out of 10 women are beaten, raped, abused or mutilated
  • Around 60% of people trafficked across national borders are women and children
  • Of the 2.5 million people traffickerd annually into situations including prostitutions, forced labor, slavery or servitude, 80% are women and girls
  • Women and girls with disabilities are more likely to be abused
  • Approximately 100-140 million women have been victim to genital mutilation; more than 3 million girls in Africa ara at risk of this brutality each year
  • Up to 1 in 5 young women under age 15 experience sexual abuse, more often by their family member
  • 15% of HIV positive women in sub-Sahara Africa and South East Asia were abused when they told others about their health status
  • The annual worldwide number of so-salled “honor killing” victims may be as high as 5,000 women
  • More than 77 million girls worldwide are not enrolled in primary or secondary schools. This means that women who do not receive an education are more vulnerable as they have fewer options and opportunities in life
  • Violence against women is accepted as normal in many countries »

Excerpt from a document published by