International Training Program in Chile

Dianova Chile and Dianova International join forces to develop an international, addiction training program

Training flyer

Dianova Chile develops face-to-face and virtual courses aimed at workers and students in various fields; in addition, Dianova Chile implements training activities aimed at private companies, public administrations and civil society – image: flyer of the international training process “Caring for Children and Adolescents”.

The Dianova Chile team – Since 2022, Dianova Chile, in collaboration with Dianova International, has been developing a specialized training program and a series of master classes that have benefited more than 1,500 professionals, technicians and educators working with children and adolescents throughout Chile.

To develop this training process, Dianova Chile has assembled a teaching staff made up of teams from Dianova International and Dianova Chile, as well as teachers from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile. The training includes three courses: Approach to Substance Use, Life Courses, and the Addiction Treatment Specialization Course.

The first phase of the process was completed on June 1st with the fifth session of the master class, during a brief ceremony attended by the training project’s prime contractor, the National Service for the Protection of Children and Adolescents and its representatives, accompanied by Cristina Rodríguez Riveros, head of the technical assistance and transfer department, and Almendra Fernández Sandoval, head of the technical transfer unit. The Director General of Dianova International, Montse Rafel, and the Training Director and Project Manager of Dianova Chile, Marco Antonio del Rio, were also present.

The training process involved professionals working in cities and locations as diverse as Cochrane, Punta Arenas, Arica, Rengo, Santa Cruz, Los Ríos, Maule, Los Lagos, San Ramón, La Pintana and Conchalí, among others.

On behalf of Dianova Chile, we would like to thank the National Service for the Protection of Children and Adolescents for entrusting Dianova with part of the training process. Thanks also to Dianova Chile’s teaching staff for their dedication and commitment throughout a project whose ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the work with children and adolescents.

Finally, our thanks and appreciation also go to the entire team, for their dedication during the project’s design up to the present day, including Nora Vela (Uruguay), Pablo Kurlander (Brazil), Rodrigo Sanhueza, Héctor Olea León and Sebastián Ramírez (Chile).

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