In Portugal, Dianova Joins EFTC

In Portugal, Dianova became a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities – official agreement was announced at EFTC General Assembly held in Italy, during the month of October. This achievement results from the visit of Professor Rowdy Yates, Vice-President of the Federation, at Dianova’s therapeutic communities, including that of Quinta das Lapas, on February 26.

Mr Yates vouched that Dianova’s quality management system was duly certified and implemented, and that it perfectly met EFTC’s standards. Dianova is now a leader in quality-based, long-term treatment programs.
Dianova remains one of the very few international social organizations involved in certified, TC-based, treatment programs, which gives it a “competitive advantage”, both internally and externally that goes beyond a mere orientation to quality.

Quinta das Lapas therapeutic community could therefore renew certification of Quality Management System n° NP EN ISO 9001:2008, by SGS-ICS, which next visit is already scheduled next Summer, 2011.