Human Resource Management in Dianova Portugal | the Impact of Assessing the Organizational Climate

Staff members in Dianova Portugal


When an organization knows how to manage its human resources adequately and to create and maintain an organizational culture, the people working in it tend to become strategic assets. In Dianova, we endeavor to welcome and integrate our employees while helping  each people achieve their full potential and to display initiative and creativity in a supportive and dynamic work environment. We strive to work in this fashion so as to reinforce our intellectual capital and reach our legitimate professional and organizational expectations on an ongoing basis.

However, only shall we be able to reach this objective if our human resources are duly motivated and committed to the organization. It is then essential to find out what motivates people, what drives their loyalty, and what makes and keeps them satisfied.  To this end we have carried out our annual assessment of the organizational climate.

The assessment of the organizational climate is a critical diagnostic instrument which not only contributes to apprehend and understand the employees’ attitudes, opinions, motivations, etc, but also the various factors that are likely to contribute to their satisfaction. The information we collect allows us to work on a number of levels, including productivity, work satisfaction and loyalty/commitment to the organization. At the same time, the instrument gives us a snapshot of the organization itself, allowing us to better understand the various areas we need to improve and act accordingly

The assessment of the organizational climate is an ideal instrument to build and maintain a cohesive environment, conducive to achieving excellence.