Fundación Dianova Nicaragua

Hotel Europeo Reopens its Doors

After an extensive 9-month renovation period, the Managua-based Europeo hotel is now committed to responsible tourism and sustainability

Manuel Bravo, Manager of the hotel Europeo with TVRed 11 reporter

Over the past thirty years, the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation has carried out a number of projects that have enabled thousands of Nicaraguans to improve their living conditions and quality of life. Europeo Hotel has been one of the most successful of these projects and for many years, part of its profits have been donated to the Dianova foundation, thus enabling it to ensure the sustainability of its other activities.

Coinciding with the recent recovery of Nicaragua’s economy which drew in more and more international tourists, the country’s hotel industry has developed a range of modern services, accessible to many. In this aim, the Hotel Europeo launched a major renovation and modernization operation in May 2016 in order to continue to offer competitive and quality services, worthy of a modern, environmentally friendly and engaged establishment … Engaged because in addition to the search for greater competitiveness within a growing tourism offering, the Europeo Hotel also wants to play a key role in the development of a joint initiative of the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation and Dianova International aimed at developing responsible tourism in the country.

Silvia Garcia, General Administrator of the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation

The “Responsible Tourism in Nicaragua ” initiative aims to develop tourism as a traditional source of growth and as an instrument for combating poverty. Its objective is to consolidate the practice of responsible tourism while promoting education, cultural exchanges, environment protection awareness and, above all, the human development of the communities that are integrated in the tourism value chain, especially those most disadvantaged.

 “Responsible tourism in Nicaragua” website

In a nutshell, the Responsible Tourism in Nicaragua initiative proposes “a way of traveling that does not turn its back on local communities, but rather contributes to their development”. To achieve this, Dianova has partnered with other not-for-profit organizations and tour operators with experience in the field of responsible tourism to offer travelers the opportunity of discovering an extraordinary country while participating actively in various social and community development initiatives.

A view of the Hotel Europeo, a tropical paradise in the heart of the city

Lastly, the reopening of the Hotel Europeo on 24 February signals the determination of the Dianova team to insist on the implementation of efficient, responsible and person-oriented management practices. Through greater workplace flexibility and the implementation of quality management systems, these practices will promote work-life balance, lifelong learning and equal opportunities for the hotel’s eighteen staff members.

Europeo Hotel Reinvents Itself for its Customers

Press release – the reopening of the Hotel Europeo took place in a relaxed atmosphere which emphasized the social work carried out by the establishment. The latter is part of the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation which aims to give the children and adolescents of Nicaragua hope and a vision for a better future.

Since 1989, the Foundation has been implementing educational and preventative activities, targeting addiction and other social issues in order to help young people across the country. Irrespective of the kind of job they do, employees at the Europeo Hotel thrive on a job they like  and they are proud of being part of a chain of solidarity that provides a better life for children at risk.

Hotel Europeo has been completely renovated. It now offers 31 rooms with brand new bedding, air conditioning, access to cable TV and wifi, as well as a quality services in a quiet and safe environment. If you are visiting the country or our capital, come and have a taste of Managua’s tropical paradise in the heart of the city.