Hotel Europeo in Nicaragua

Hotel Europeo, Nicaragua

Dianova’s educational activities in Nicaragua are partly financed out of the proceeds of hotel Europeo. This three star hotel is located downtown capital city, Managua, at the heart of a colorful, pittoresque natural environement. The hotel offers comfortable accomodations, a swimming pool and a delicious local cuisine.Watch video

Nicaragua is not a rich country and thousands of children have no access to education. For more than thirty years, Dianova has been committed to providing education to disadvantaged children, most of whom are stemming from the country’s poorest regions. On an average basis, Dianova caters for approximately 320 children and adolescents yearly at the Esther del Rio Las Marias school.

Should you visit Managua for business or leisure purposes, rent your room at Hotel Europeo to help support Dianova’s commitment to social development in this country.

Dianova in Nicaragua

Presentation of the activities in Nicaragua and Hotel Europeo