Good Practice of Health Management in the Treatment of Addiction

Dianova Portugal, a pioneer in the area of ​​health and social reintegration, has been certified since 2005 in the area of addiction treatment according to ISO 9001

Dianova Portugal's professional team

The QMS resulted in increased service efficiency and motivation among team members

The quality management system (QMS) that is implemented has defined a set of processes, procedures, instructions and forms that allow the service provided to be controlled and monitored.

The monitoring/supervision tools implemented include, among others, user satisfaction questionnaires (biannual), books for recording complaints and compliments, and indicators defined for each system process (quarterly, biannual and annual).

Two annual audits are carried out by external accredited entities that verify the conformity of the system with the requirements of ISO 9001. Every six months, a review meeting of the system is held for analysis, control and decision-making, and defining the necessary actions to guarantee a quality service, always following the path of continuous improvement.

As a result of the implementation of the system, there has been an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the service in the last twelve years. For example, there is greater agility in internal processes, a greater motivation on the part of the team of professionals, an increase in recognition by health authorities, the scientific community (in 2013, a five-year follow-up study focusing on the social reintegration paths of users who had completed the programme up to 2009 was carried out) and the community in general.

This type of certification, its outputs and outcomes, constitute a good practice of health benefits for the user, families and communities, contributing not only to an effective improvement in the quality of life for the beneficiaries, their self-fulfilment and socio-professional reintegration, but also the reduction of the burden in health and social costs in the medium and long term for governments.

In conclusion, we can confirm that it is a Good Practice for Dianova, its clients, the state government and society in general.

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