Gender Equality: Dianova Italy Certified

Dianova is committed to providing a working environment that promotes equal opportunities for all its human resources

Gender equality

Employers can promote gender equality in the workplace by being transparent about wages and ensure women aren’t receiving less than men in equivalent positions – Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

The Italian government wants to promote greater integration of women in the labour market, for the sake of fairness and in order to improve the country’s social cohesion and economic growth.

For Dianova Cooperativa Sociale (Dianova Italy) and its employees, equality between men and women is a fundamental value. Dianova Italy aims to promote and guarantee a working environment that favours equal opportunities for all. To this end, the cooperative is committed to defining the principles, objectives and guidelines of a gender equality policy that is in line with its values in terms of women’s empowerment.

The challenge is to ensure, through the principles of equal opportunities and inclusion, that each employee is able to plan his or her personal development in an inclusive, non-discriminatory environment that promotes work-life balance.

In summary, Dianova Italy is committed to implementing the following policies:

  • Implement human resources management and development practices that promote an inclusive culture of access to employment and professional development, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all employees;
  • Respect and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in order to create the best conditions for recruiting, developing and consolidating its human resources, while ensuring adequate work-life balance;
  • Communicate its commitment to gender equality to employees and externally;
  • Guarantee fair pay, value skills and ensure fair remuneration for jobs and occupations of equal socio-economic value;
  • Ensure fair opportunities for personal development and training for all its human resources;
  • Promote a culture of inclusion through training and information activities;
  • Define key indicators to monitor and evaluate equality and inclusion initiatives;
  • Ensure a working environment and recruitment, management and training procedures that are free from all forms of discrimination.

Dianova has developed a strategic plan aimed at providing objective tools to positively influence the working climate by sharing the values of fairness and individual and social respect. These tools include measures to promote the employment of women, equal opportunities and income, and the application of maternity/paternity leave. These tools consist of six thematic areas:

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Career management
  • Pay equity
  • Parenting and care
  • Work-life balance.
  • Activities to prevent all forms of physical, verbal and digital abuse

For each of these areas, we then defined the objectives to be achieved, the activities to be carried out, the documentation required, the deadlines and the persons responsible. It should be noted that Dianova Italy’s situation in terms of gender equality is already correct, not only in terms of the proportion of male and female employees and on the Board of Directors, but also in terms of equal pay, training and work-life balance.

The strategic plan is monitored every six months by a steering committee through the use of satisfaction questionnaires, interviews and the organization of activities that take into account each employee’s personal needs.

It should be noted that the first audit carried out by the certifying body UNITER recorded a score of 64 out of 100, a first milestone that will allow Dianova to continue its commitment to personnel management policies geared towards equity and well-being.