For Esther and Xavier

Esther del Rio & Xavier Agustí

Esther and Xavi were Dianova friends and colleagues. They have left us far too quickly and above all, far too soon. Both had participated in the adventure of Dianova since its inception, and both in a high position of responsibility, without ever losing their humanity, their kindness and sense of humor. You will forever remain in our memory.

Our friend and colleague Esther is gone. Now and forever she’s now free as the wind, as she had always been.

Over fifteen years, Esther was Dianova’s executive director in Nicaragua where she developed the organization’s educational offer, epitomized by a well-established school center, Las Marias, where over 300 underprivileged children and adolescents stemming from the country’s poorest, rural areas are admitted every year. Esther was also surprisingly skilled at motivating a team of proficient professionals, whether teachers, educators or drug counselors, with whom Las Marias school could, over the years, become an institution of excellence, as exemplified by its recent recognition as a school “associated with UNESCO”.

During a training session with the Dianova teamEsther dedicated much of her time to Las Marias’ children and adolescents, yet she didn’t forget her responsibilities at Dianova International: as soon as 1998, she joined the exciting adventure of Dianova’s founding and ever since, she actively participated in the network’s core steering committee as a member of the Assembly Council of Dianova International.

Woman of character and tenacity, Esther had a rare vitality, as only a few human beings do, which allows pure generosity and courage to love. Like the rest of us, Esther also had a cherished dream, that of returning to her homeland, Spain, with her little man. A dream never come true however, for her sense of responsibility and duty was the strongest.

Dear Esther, you golden heart was beating for your beloved country of Nicaragua, and your destiny decided it would stop beating there. Know that all of us, your friends and colleagues, we will follow your footsteps to pursue your dream for this country, hoping to do justice to your talent.

See you soon Esther, you’ve not gone away, you never parted, you’ll forever live in our hearts and in the hearts of the children you so loved, for the school will be named after you: Esther del Rio-Las Marias school.


Xavier, during training session for Dianova's managersXavier Agustí  was born in Lobito, Angola, and ever since its existence was held under the banner of adventure. Professionally, Xavier participated in countless activities in several countries, gaining the sympathy of all those who crossed his path, in Valencia, Barcelona, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile or Bosnia.

His primary responsibility was communications, a task he always carried out with determination, especially when he was the spokesperson for the humanitarian aid ship chartered by our organization to bring food and emergency supplies to the ports of Bosnia or West Africa. Xavier participated in carrying many donations, a little joy and a breath of hope to people of war-ravaged countries. After such poignant experience, Xavier joined Dianova’s International staff as communications director, in which position he succeeded to establish several important partnerships and represented Dianova at major international fora.  

Xavier Agustí passed away but the mark of his commitment and professionalism remain engraved in our memory, as an image of the generous and supportive man he was. Dianova was an important part of Xavier’s life and personal history, this is why the network would like to express its sincere sympathy to his wife, Loli, and daughter, Carlota.

Excerpt from a text read by a relative at the funeral of Xavier

“You’ve gone, you left us, during  a moonless, lightless night, like a betrayal.

“I sense a knot in my stomach, this contained rage, this powerlessness, don’t you feel it too?

“You were a fighter, a warrior, until death. You will be missed. We won’t be able to love you anymore. We will remember you, as hard, strong and weak as a memorable steel wire.

“One day in your life appeared Loli. Both became inseparable: Nicaragua, Miami, Mexico DF, Chile. Everywhere, they were together. They finally decided to walk down the aisle. Then came Carlota.

At Dianova International's office“In addition to your well-known ability to communicate, we soon realized you were a natural-born negotiator. Then came the ten best years in your life, in Castelldefels, while Carlota couldn’t stop growing, painting, riding, and more. So much more.

“As the saying goes, in the poor’s home, happiness does not last. Then came the interferon. This treatment, as Loli rightly said, marked a before and an after. And this after is so sad that it’s not worth telling here. I will only mention the torment of so many psychiatrists, hospitalizations, drugs, and more drugs, with more side effects.

“To make it clear and simple, the cure was much worse than the disease – unequal struggle against this unexplored territory, our brain.

“your spirit of adventure led you to your final destination, the last port. Some day we will meet you there, for sure, CAPTAIN.