Feedback from the Organization of a Professional Seminar in Uruguay

Jordi Alos, director general, Dianova Uruguay

Motivational interviewing and approaches in dual pathology, the experience of Dianova in Uruguay 

Representatives of the Dianova Network’s member organizations gathered at the yearly Assembly of Delegates presented their most innovative practices and projects.

Jordi Alos, Director General of Dianova Uruguay presented the experience feedback from the organization of a professional seminar dedicated on two addiction-related intervention modalities, including the specific applications of motivational interviewing, an approach that works on facilitating and engaging intrinsic motivation within the client in order to changer his/her behavior, and the approches utilized in dual pathology, i.e. an integrated approach to treat people diagnosed with co-occurring addiction and mental illness disorders. 

Presentations were made by Ms. Liria Ortiz, clinical psychologist, and Dr. Maximiliano Gutiérrez, Psychiatrist, Head of the Chanaes Center, a public center managed by Dianova specializing in dual pathology in men 15-24 years of age.

The event was held in august in the audirotirum of la Torre Ejecutiva – Presidencia de la República, in Montevideo and brought together 180 participants including drug counsellors and other health and education professionals as well as representatives of government agencies, such as the National Drug Council (JND), the National Network for Treatment and Care (RENADRO), and the Child's National Institute (INAU).

The event's primary objective was to share the experience of Dianova in these specific intervention modalities. In addition, the seminar highlighted the importance, and added value, of networking and cooperating with government agencies. Last but certainly not least, it was an opportunity to reinforce the engagement of the organization's personnel, while emphasizing their ongoing training, based on quality, innovation and program's applicability.  

Presentation by Dianova Uruguay