Exchanging & Improving Intervention Practices in Dianova TCs

Representatives from Dianova Sweden visit Can Parellada TC (Spain)

As part of the ongoing collaboration between the Dianova network member organizations, representatives from the organization’s Swedish branch traveled to Can Parellada Therapeutic Community (Barcelona, Spain) to meet local treatment teams and review cooperation modalities.

Visiting the Catalunya en Miniatura theme and amusement parkThis reunion was held during the week from October 16 to 21, between Swedish clinical staff and representatives of Dianova’s board of directors, and personnel from Dianova in Spain.

Dianova Sweden Board of Directors meetingThe objective was to review cooperation methodologies between Sweden and Spain and to develop a joint and coordinated workplan to improve intervention procedures and develop a benchmark analysis of such procedures through inter-sectoral experience and knowledge exchange.

At the same time, this collaboration will help improve quality of services for Swedish people admitted to Can Parellada Therapeutic Center, in accordance with cooperation and association agreements between the two organizations. This exchange of good intervention practices for the benefit of adult individuals with addiction problems will result in the promotion of service innovation and excellence, promoting accordingly the achievement of the organizations’ goals and imparting this experience and knowledge onto other approaches developed in other Dianova TCs.

Can Parellada (Spain)The Can Parellada TC is located in the Eastern Vallès region, in an old eighteenth-century Catalan farmhouse, renovated and adapted to the needs  of a state-of-the-art residential treatment service (classrooms, workshops, sports facilities, etc.)

The therapeutic program is designed to address the needs of  adults, both male and female. The center’s geographical location, near the cities of Granollers and Barcelona, facilitates the development of leisure activities, in addition to enabling the implementation of a divesified service network oriented to the residents’ social and professional reintegration.

Within the center itself a dedicated team including addiction professionals, social workers and educators provide residents with a comprehensive, individualized follow-up.

Interview with Esther Martos Ascutia, psychologist (Can Parellada)