Equality = Quality


Dianova Portugal received a mention of honor for its policies to promote gender equality

Dianova Portugal has received a mention of honor at the “Equality is Quality” awards in the field of the social economy. This mention highlights the recognition of the Commission for Equality in the Workplace and Employment (CITE) and the Committee for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) for its work in promoting gender equality. This recognition is largely due to the integration by the organization of a gender perspective and to the implementation of practices to ensure work/life balance.

Honorable mention

In the assessment of Dianova Portugal, the Commission noted positively that Dianova had “A well-structured plan for equality, with guidelines as well as a series of measures and their respective phases; the organization also has time-bound, measurable targets and, which makes the final evaluation of the equality plan easier. The management team provides adequate support to the promotion of gender equality and guarantees the effective realization of the objectives of such plan. ”

“Adequate mechanisms and human resources have been dedicated to accompany the implementation of gender equality within the organization. In addition, the organization has affected various resources to implement the measures in this objective. It provides adequate supervision and monitors the progress toward gender equality by involving managers in the process of identifying needs, planning and ongoing assessment of the plan. Finally, the organization has implemented positive action measures for women or men in the various occupations where one sex is underrepresented.”

“Specific rules designed to ensure respect for the dignity of women and men in the workplace have been established as a management practice; the organization has demonstrated consistent practices in the field of internal and external communication, while providing information online to potential clients and service users.”

The award “Equality is Quality” is a distinction which rewards companies and other organizations that stand out for their development of policies and best practices in the promotion of gender equality in the workplace, and of access to employment and vocational training, and for the adoption of principles and conciliation measures to ensure adequate personal life/work life balance.