‘Equality is Quality’ Award 2014

'Equality is Quality' award 2014

Dianova Portugal granted 'Honorable Mention' at the 'Equality is Quality' Award 2014, in Social Economy

On the occasion of the awards ceremony on June 15, Dianova Portugal was awarded an 'honorable mention' in the Social Economy category, while two additional honorable mentions were given to Auchan in the private sector category and Gebalis in the public sector. The 'Honorable mention' award shows appreciation of Dianova achievements both by the Commission for Equality in Labor and Employment (CITE) and the Committee for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG), in the organization's dedication to promote gender equality. This acknowledgement rewards the integration of a gender perspective and the promotion of work-life balance in the organizations practices and policies. 

The 'Equality is Quality' Award rewards organizations and other employers who have strived to implement best practices and models of organizational policies in promoting gender equality at work, employment and vocational training, and the adoption of work-life balance measures. 

Finally, we must emphasize the speech by Dr. Teresa Morais, Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Equality, who stressed the need of large companies, in particular that of PSI 20 (Lisbon stock index), to abide by the principles of gender equality, especially in the area of equal pay and access to managerial positions and boards of administration. Should they ignore these indicators these companies would be denied application, which is why the objective of the Secretary of State is to prepare a bill to force employers to respect gender equality principles.