Environmental Education Day in Chile

Dianova Chile organized a reflection day on environmental and outdoor education with teachers and other concerned parties

Working group

A working group following the conference on environmental education – photo: Dianova, CC

In the context of our institutional adherence to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNESCO’s pillars of education, Dianova Chile organized, together with the city of Curicó’s INACAP (Technological University of Chile) and the Los Maitenes Learning Center, a reflection day around issues related to environmental and outdoor education.

SDG Wheel

The event allowed to share with teachers, academics, Women’s Organizations, and the Community Union of Neighborhood Councils, who declared having appreciated the initiative and more particularly its main feature, a presentation by Dr. Isabel Da Silva Cruz Alves, biologist, teacher and researcher, from Spain.

The keynote address was made by María Eugenia Yaconi, Director of INACAP’s Media Liaison office, who gave the floor to Marco Antonio del Río (Director of Dianova Chile) for a contextual presentation after which the main conference was held, followed by group work and debates.

Numerous participants actively took part in the debates about the relevance of outdoor and environmental education, the importance of relational education, and that of keeping human beings at the heart of the sustainable development objectives. This explains the importance of Dianova’s partnership with Los Maitenes Learning Center in the development of a natural space that will soon house visiting students, teachers and institutions’ representatives.

Lastly, this initiative focused on the opportunities offered by the joint commitment of such institutions as INACAP, Dianova and Los Maitenes, to reunite and empower civil society bodies around relevant issues at the regional, national and global level.