EFA – Dianova Participates in Civil Society Hearing

Civil society

From 20 to 23 May, Dianova participated in Santiago, Chile in the 7th International Civil Society Hearing to review the 2015 objectives and achievements of the Education for All movement (EFA). The meeting also aimed to start a careful reflection on the future evolution of civil society participation of in EFA project and the problems it raises.

The participants were able to reach a common position and to make joint recommendations on the post 2015 agenda and on the participation of civil society in the future.

Some 80 delegations participated in the meeting, including delegations from Egypt, France, Uganda, South Africa, USA, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, in addition to a number of delegations from Latin America and the Caribbean – the event being co-organized by UNESCO, the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE) and the Chilean Forum for education.

Regarding the project’s objectives, the participants stressed that many would not be achieved by 2015, hence the importance of the participation of civil society and the UNESCO to encourage governments to commit themselves for the achievement of these objectives.

The meeting allowed us to realize the commitment of the various stakeholders concerned  in reinforcing the right to a worldwide quality education for all and to urge governments react accordingly with UNESCO. As pointed out during the meeting, this is no easy path, because there are many competing interests besides education and human development, which is why the campaign must go on, with more force than ever.

Dianova was represented by Marco Antonio del Río, director of educational programs in  Dianova Chile.