Drug Policy: Pompidou Group’s Annual Training Session

Dianova participated in the Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group’s annual executive training session on the interactions between governments and civil society organizations


The Council of Europe’s cooperation group to combat drug abuse and illicit trafficking, known as the Pompidou Group, organizes a yearly training session for managers involved in the development or implementation of drug policies. Since cooperation between governments and civil society organizations is this year’s central theme, Dianova International was selected to participate in the training. The course was divided into two modules, the first one was held in Helsinki (Finland) in June 2016, and the second one in Stockholm (Sweden) from 12th to 15th September 2016.

“Training for Effective Cooperation” was attended by 38 people from 23 countries. Half of the participants were representatives from member states while the other half came from various civil society organizations active in the field of drugs. This diversity allowed for a balanced perspective of the needs and difficulties faced by the different actors.

The module gave insights into: the realities that governments and civil society organizations have to address, particularly from Sweden; the opportunities for civil society contributions at the European level; and the ways to overcome barriers and engage in cooperation schemes. In addition, the session provided very useful technical tools for strategic planning and risk assessment. Participants also had the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of the Pompidou Group paper on the interactions between governments and civil society organization, a document that will be submitted for approval by the Council of Europe in mid-November 2016. After its approval, it is expected that this document will constitute a guide to the principles and means for efficient collaboration between governments and civil society organizations.