Dianova’s Education Center in Nicaragua Will Soon Have Access to Safe Drinking Water

Sinking of the Dianova school’s drinking water well


Dianova in Switzerland and the Emilio Moro Foundation are jointly funding a project to provide students and teachers of Dianova’s Esther del Rio-Las Marias Education Center (Nicaragua) with sustainable access to safe drinking water and accordingly improve the quality of life and health conditions of all.

The teachers and students from the Esther del Rio-Las Marias Integral Education Center will soon have access to safe drinking water thanks to the initiative which has been carried out by Dianova in Switzerland and the Emilio Moro foundation. Every one of them will be able to improve one’s health conditions and quality of life as a result of this project.

“The project has been implemented after the water had been cut off on many occasions by the regional distributor (Santa Tereza, Carazo region  in Nicaragua). Our school had access to running water only three days a week and despite the measure we had taken, it was almost impossible to guarantee an optimal situation both in terms of hygiene and  to food preparation” mentions Mr. Rafael Guerrero, director of Dianova in Nicaragua.

Access to safe drinking water will improve the students' quality of life Seedlings and crops prepared at the center

The sinking of the school’s drinking water well will not only benefit the 400 at-risk adolescents from the Santa Teresa region and from other areas of the country, but also to the teachers and professors and to the pupils’ families and relatives, that is to more than a thousand people. At the end of September, the EMPSA company began the works after completing a feasibility study. The company finally reached the water sheet about 600 feet deep, taking samples every five feet.

According to Leonardo Rugama, project manager at IPEMSA, soil samples are taken to create a record of the lithological column of the subterranean formation of the region in order to have a comprehensive description of the area and identify the type of machinery to use.

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