Dianova Training Center : New Certification

Dianova Training Center, in Portugal

The Dianova Training Center, in Portugal, certified since 2009 by the General Directorate of Employment and Labor Relations, received recognition as training organization certified by the Scientific Council on Continuing Education and Training (Ministry of Education). This new certification granted to Dianova will permit to ensure continuity in the development of the training plan to the educational community.

In addition, members of the educational community will be able to earn credits allowing them to progress in their professional careers, as stipulated by the November 2nd decree.

“The legal regime which governs continued training of professors and educators recommends that they be granted access to personal and professional development, in close coordination with the work carried out within the educational institution.”

Dianova is committed to provide them with quality training services both in terms of the so called “hard skills” (technical training within their areas of expertise) and “soft skills” (social and relational abilities).

Dianova Training Center

The Dianova training center is dedicated to address the needs of the general public, social organizations, the educational community and private sector business organizations. The center offers more than 150 training sessions in the areas of corporate development, social and personal development, information and communication technologies, vocational guidance, etc.

The Dianova training center’s ambition is to become a strategic partner in the development of social organizations and individuals, in terms of technical, intellectual and social abilities, while creating synergies with the private sector and strengthening corporate social responsibility.

The center has two interrelated objectives: on the one hand it is dedicated to provide basic and advanced training in terms of hard skills, i.e. administrative and technical abilities, and, on the other hand, in terms of personal abilities such as dialogue and conflict resolution and other relational skills which appear to be critically needed to help promote team spirit, innovation and motivation within organizations.