Dianova to Lead EAD Campaign in Portugal

Dianova to lead the EAD campaign in Portugal

After Dianova in Portugal joined the campaign on June 25th, in Brussels, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security has appointed the organization in Portugal supervisor of the “EAD” campaign in this country. The EU-led campaign, launched in 2009 in the 27 state members, currently comprises 708 different initiatives.

Our Pledge

Dianova strongly believes that, with proper help and guidance, everyone can find within him/herself, the resources needed to achieve personal development and social integration. As a contribution to the European Action on Drugs, Dianova commits to the following actions: to help people abandon the problematic use of psychoactive substances, whether legal or illegal; to assist them in their re-integration back into their original communities; and to promote prevention-oriented, educational initiatives for youth. These commitments will represent Dianova’s contribution to the EAD campaign. www.action-drugs.eu.

In order to achieve these goals, Dianova will proactively contribute to raising awareness of substance abuse related risks throughout regular media, social networking websites and events and campaigns. This effort will endeavor to increase social risk perception among the two primary target groups, adolescents and young adults, whether at school or within their own communities.

Moreover, community-based and public organizations, in addition to notable personalities of Portuguese society, will support the project through a series of marketing and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Dianova’s goal is to reach out to more than 35,000 people throughout the country. Dianova has also committed to promote the EAD’s campaign to partner organizations such as the Dianova international network and the Vienna NGO Committee On Narcotic Drugs.

Responsibilities of National Supervisor

As a National Supervisor, Dianova will be in charge of promoting the campaign by encouraging organizations and individuals to engage in it actively at national, regional and local levels, through the dissemination of promotional materials and the sharing of information and guidance to potential signatories. In addition, Dianova will supervise and assess national application requests before submitting them to the European Commission for their eventual approval.

The EAD can become your ‘platform’ for communicating and exchanging best practices. You too can join in and help bring about change!