Dianova Spain Presents its Humanitairan Reception Center for Migrants

Santos Cavero, director general - Dianova Spain

Objective: meeting the basic needs of people in extremely vulnerable situations

Representatives of the Dianova Network’s member organizations gathered at the yearly Assembly of Delegates presented their most innovative practices and projects.

Santos Cavero, head of Dianova Spain, presented the 80-person capacity humanitarian reception center for immigrants opened in August 2014 within the premises of the Santa Lucia facility, in the Madrid region. As Santos explained it, Dianova's humanitarian center aims to provide reception, suppport and integration services to meet the basic needs of migrant people in vulnerable situations, most of them being physically deteriorated, lacking social and family support and having no income whatsoever. Throughout 2014, the center has received 367 people.

For each one of its beneficiary, the center's team designs a personalized reception and integration plan based on objectives associated with various intervention domains, including social integration, judicial follow-up, psychological support, personal development, Spanish language training and knowledge of Spanish society, etc. The objective of the program is to foster people's self-reliance and facilitate their integration project. 

Santos' presentation concluded whit a heartbreaking video emphasizing the magnitude of the problem and the tragic situation of migrants. Read our article: Immigration: Tackling the Mediterranean Tragedy

Presentation by Dianova Spain