Dianova on Spanish TV

Dianova on Spanish television

On January 16, TVE Spanish television channel broadcast a report on Dianova in Spain and the Can Parellada therapeutic community (Barcelona region) with several interviews conducted during a visit onsite and on the television set. The first part of the program, filmed last December in the Can Parellada therapeutic community, for adults (Spain), showed the various sports and other artistic workshops taking place during  the treatment program, with explanations by two staff members, Ángel Arana (social educator) and Alfredo Ibáñez (director of Can Parellada). The journalists also interviewed a former resident about what he could experience during treatment program.

The second part of the report was carried out on the TV set, with an interview by Mr. Toni Tort, Director of Dianova’s International Relations.

Click here to watch program on the TVE web site