Dianova Nominated to Awards

Telefonica Ability Awards logo

Dianova in Spain has been selected as a finalist in the “Teléfonica  Ability Awards”, which rewards sustainable business models that maintain employability despite adverse health conditions. Dianova was nominated in the category “Prevention and Employability”, with a social program which is destined to improve quality of life among its employees.

Mr César Alierta, Chairman of Telefónica, met the jurors of the Telefónica Ability Awards, represented by personalities of the government, universities and syndicates, in a meeting which objective was to ratify the 48 institutions that will be rewarded by the Spanish edition of the Awards.

Dianova presented a program dedicated to ensuring ongoing social support of its personnel. The program aims to enable Dianova workers with chronic health conditions to keep their jobs in the organization with a decent life quality at work and appropriate levels of work commitment.

Dianova offers to complement social security regular benefits, up to 100% of basic salary, starting from the fourth day of sick leave, to a maximum extent of twelve months. Employees concerned must at least have one year of seniority in the organization.