Dianova Nicaragua in Search of New Prospects

Hugo España (right)


Building on the implementation of partnerships with civil society actors

Representatives of the Dianova Network’s member organizations gathered at the yearly Assembly of Delegates presented their most innovative practices and projects.

At the Assembly meeting, Hugo España, President of the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation took stock of the Foundation’s activities since the Esther del Rio-Las Marias school was closed at the end of 2014. After making changes in the Foundation’s management team, the board of directors launched an in-depth review based on an analysis of the country’s social environment and needs to redefine the means for achieving greater social impact in the field of community development.

Among the initiatives carried out so far, one should mention the signing of a cooperation agreement with the responsible tourism agency “Rutas Escondidas” (Hidden Trails), the implementation of the “Aprender Participando, Conociendo, Viviendo” program, the training of 17 tour guides, as well as the use of Las Marias School’s equipment and science lab by students and teachers from the region’s different schools, within the framework of a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Education.

The Foundation will, in the short term, continue to carry out these activities associated with community development and responsible tourism, however, in the medium term the Foundation will  endeavor to refocus its social project based on the aforementioned analysis, building on the implementation of partnerships with civil society actors.

Presentation by Dianova Nicaragua (in Spanish)