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Education is a multidirectional process which involves awareness-raising, bonding and socializing; it is also a universal human right. The purpose of Dianova Nicaragua is to contribute to the exercise of this right by implementing educational, inclusive spaces where boys and girls can learn, grow and achieve.

Dianova’s holistic educational facility “Esther Del Rio-Las Marías” was founded in March 1998 to provide at-risk rural children and adolescents with an educational alternative. Furthermore, in addition to offering a high-quality, free of charge educational program, the Dianova School provides room and board, psychological counseling, medical care and leisure and cultural activities.

Farming techniques at Esther del Rio school Computer classes Students at Esther del Rio educational facility Pupils at Esther del Rio educational facility

The Dianova School not only provides academic education but also seeks to reduce risk situations that could lead children and adolescents to child labor, prostitution, drug use and crime.

During the period 1998-2014, 3,704 rural children and adolescents have been served in the school’s primary and secondary sections, of which 1,078 were boarding students. 246 students achieved high school graduation in Sciences and Literature whom, it is worth mentioning, 65% were females and 35% males – which is clear sign that the right to education for rural women has been restored. In addition, according to an impact study, 75% of college graduates pursued studies up to the university level. 

In 2002, the NEOVIDA prevention program was launched to contribute to students’ and families’ personal development. NEOVIDA aims to decrease the likelihood of drug-related problems while providing students with information on a number of issues, either in classrooms or in dedicated, psychosocial workshops with their families. In this 12-year period, 7,868 parents and 3,704 students participated in the NEOVIDA program, in addition to a other schools or rural communities in the vicinity of Las Marías.

As a complement to basic education, Dianova Nicaragua provides technical education courses to help adolescents acquire vocational skills and to provide them with better opportunities for entering the labor market. Among others they comprise: beautician courses, arts and crafts, sewing courses, truck farming, electricity, computer and English lessons.

In 2014, Dianova Nicaragua renewed its willingness to improve its educational offer for children and adolescents by opening a new curriculum leading to a degree in agricultural techniques. This offer was intended to respond to specific demands by rural youth to achieve high school graduation with abilities and skills so as to provide a real incentive to get decent jobs.  This new educational offer will enable them to work for the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Elieth López – Communication Dianova Nicaragua

Rafael Guerrero – Director Dianova Nicaragua