Dianova Italy’s Experience at the Milano Marathon 2015

Milan Marathon

Our teams have proudly wore the colors of Dianova at the event

Representatives of the Dianova Network’s member organizations gathered at the yearly Assembly of Delegates presented their most innovative practices and projects

Ombretta Garavaglia and Andrea Rampino, delegates from Dianova Italy presented the ins and outs of Dianova's participation at the Milan Marathon, 2015.

The participation of Dianova in this event was motivated by two factors: participate in a sporting challenge and raise money to finance the E-Sport-Azione di Valori project (exporting values through sports) which has been designed to build a multi-sports complex on the premises of  La Villa (Palombara Sabina), a residential center  for the reception of young people 14-21 years. The fundraising was made possible through the organization's participation in the Charity Program, a non-profit charity that offers NGOs the possibility of funding a given project through their joining a sports race such as a marathon, a half-marathon or cross-country race.

Several teams from Dianova Italy have proudly wore the association's colors at the 2015 Marathon, including residents from the program (adults and minors), staff members and former residents. In addition, thanks to the possibilities offered by the Charity program, the project's financial objective has almost been reached through various donations and a dedicated crowdfunding platform.

The experience of Dianova's participation in the Marathon has had significant added value, not only as a cohesion factor between reisidents and staff members, but also a a new modality to raise money for a meaningful project. In addition, the event has enabled dianova acquire reputation and visibility during a high-profile, international event. 

Presentation from Dianova Italy