Dianova International Diploma Programme

Dianova Chile launches a program of professional update and development of competences for its on-site teams in the field of Addiction Treatment

Last Friday, June 1, in Chile, we initiated the launch of the Dianova International Diploma programme, a training initiative for our on-site teams in the cities of Viña del Mar and Curicó in Chile, and Montevideo and Maldonado in Uruguay. This includes presentations from the aforementioned cities, as well as from Spain, further defining the network of the three countries, as well as Dianova International collaboration.

Dianova International diploma

The programme is intended for Dianova professionals who are in a helping relationship: addiction councelors, psychologists, social workers, etc.

The development of the programme has benefited from the participation and presence of different individuals, such as Montserrat Rafel, Dianova International’s General Director, Jordi Alos, President of Dianova Uruguay, Mercedes Mosquera, on behalf of Dianova Spain, and Marco Antonio del Río from Dianova Chile, together with the teachers staffing the program, from Chile, Spain and Uruguay. We would also like to thank Mauricio Valenzuela, Carlos De Los Ríos, Gisela Hansen, Antonio Jesús Molina, Erika Troncoso, María Lucía Pereyra, Mario Pacheco, and our Programme Director, who inaugurated the Rodrigo Sanhueza Diploma Programme, all connected and articulated in this international initiative. We are also thankful for the goodwill of the logistics team and Delicias de los Reyes, who accompanied us at each session.

While this programme is part as an internal training initiative in Chile, in addition to Uruguay, Spain and Dianova international, those who support and are part of it. We opened the space for other institutions that also work in social development and in the field of education and addiction.

Other foundations, health centres, educational professionals, ministries will also participate and, from Uruguay we are thankful to have the presence of the National Secretary of the National Assembly on Drugs, Mr Diego Rivera, at the national assembly, who will also accompany us at the discussion group, which is part of the Diploma programme.

Having said this, we will meet every Friday until August 31st, sharing, discussing, contributing and receiving knowledge, skills and strengthening our work, thanks to the contribution of a staff of academic and professional excellence and international experience forming the teaching staff, representing three countries and two continents.

Download presentation and full program