Dianova International & Rutas Escondidas to Organize Two Responsible Tourism Tours in Nicaragua

Dianova Friends Touring Route 2015


The international NGO and the Nicaragua-based agency offer to discover this country in a sustainable and responsible manner, with a strong focus on local participation and sustainable human development

(Click photos to enlarge) As is known, responsible tourism is a model that takes into account the social, cultural and economic situations of a given travel situation in order to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism and increase its potential benefits. For travelers, responsible tourism implies leaving the smallest possible footprint while contributing to the development of visited local communities.

The NGO Dianova International and the Nicaraguan tourism company “Rutas Escondidas” are to organize jointly the Dianova Friends Touring Route 2015, a 11-day and 10-night group travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans, an incredible journey rich in contrasts, colors, diversity and encounters. Those interested may choose from two departure dates, from 3 to 13 September and from 5 to 15  November.

The Old Cathedral of Managua A view of Nicaragua's caribbean coast La laguna de Perlas (Pearl Lagoon) The Indio Maiz natural reserve

Travelers will discover a tropical wonderland, a little bit of paradise at the confluence of history, nature and poetry. They will enjoy a visit to Managua, the country’s capital, and the cities of Granada and Matagalpa; they will then discover the “gem of Central American nature reserves”, the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, before touring in the country’s Caribbean coast with a visit to Laguna de Perlas, Cayo Perlas and Bluefields.

According to Mario Prieto, head of Dianova’s responsible tourism campaign: “The purpose of these trips is on the one hand to promote travels that are respectful of the environment and engaged with local communities, and, on the other hand, to contribute financially to the development of the Dianova Foundation’s social projects”.

Most importantly, the tourists who are to join this trip will become promoters of sustainable tourism in Nicaragua. the collaboration between Dianova and “Rutas Escondidas” will make it possible for travelers to participate in the development of social projects without volunteering nor taking part to any fieldwork whatsoever (the latter activities are nonetheless available).

We expect responsible tourism to take increasing importance in the coming years, due to a new way of interacting with local communities, based on more nature-friendly and sustainable practices.

Dianova is a nonprofit organization with Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations; the Dianova network develops educational programs and projects in in 11 countries in America and Europe. The Dianova network is also engaged in addiction treatment and prevention and in areas of social and community development, on the basis of its mission statement which focuses on an active contribution to personal self-reliance and social progress.

Route "Les Amis de Dianova" 2015

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