Dianova International – A portrait of 2015

Dianova representatives during CND session

Dianova International – the Dianova Network’s umbrella organization which gathers its members around a mission, a vision and values that are common to all of them – has been engaged in 2015 in a threefold commitment: outreach, networking and advocacy activities within international organizations, agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations; coordination, strategic direction, provision of training sessions and individual support to its members, and, lastly, corporate development activities.

Representation, Networking & Advocacy

Participation in 26 meetings and international events

From February to December 2015, the representatives of Dianova have attended 26 events, international meetings and committee, including:

The inaugural World Women’s Health and Development Forum in New York; the 58th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND); at a side event to the 57th regular session of CICAD (Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission), entitled “Drugs and development, giving priority to a social integration approach”; or at the 5th Civil Society Hearing in preparation for UNGASS (New York), with a presentation on the theme: Education, Gender and Health: the Empowerment of Rural Women.

3 events organized – over 300 experts and politicians present

6 statements – impact: 850,000 – 115 online media mentions

6 Dianova International statements, positions or press releases were published for a total impact of over 850,000 people and  115 online media mentions :

  • The Positioning of Dianova on addictions and drug policies – this advocacy document was disseminated to Dianova member organizations and published on the UNGASS official website, where the document was seen and commented upon by a number of NGOs and health institutions ;
  • The press release about the consultation forum on drug policies at the European Parliament (Brussels, 23 September) see above ;
  • The written declaration of Dianova prior to the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 60 – New York, March 2016), including a proposal for a roadmap to the empowerment of women ;
  • The press release on a project by Dianova to promote social and community development in Nicaragua. Established through a partnership with the “Rutas Escondidas” tourism agency, the project aims to discover Nicaragua through responsible tourism.

Participation in 18 studies and international surveys

Dianova International and its members have participated in various studies and surveys including those relayed by the European Union and Commission, and the UNESCO.  One should emphasize Dianova’s participation in an online survey by the Organization of American States (OAS) about the role of civil society in the UNGASS preparatory process (7 countries represented)

Coordination, Strategic Management & Training

Development of Strategic Orientations – 50 participants

Dianova training seminarPreparation of the 5th document outlining the Dianova Network’s strategic orientations in the horizon 2020. The process was conducted over a six-month period with a group of 50 people (representatives of the Dianova member organizations and external consultants). Established every four years, these documents enable the network to anticipate and prepare for emerging trends (in terms of socio-cultural, political and environmental changes, etc.). The outcomes of this work were presented and approved by the Assembly of Delegates of Dianova.

« Management & Development » Seminar – 40 participants

This joint work on Dianova’s strategic orientations was complemented by the 11th “Management & Development” training session implemented by Dianova International for the network’s senior executives and management staff. Moderated by Claudio Drapkin, a strategic management expert and director of the Solo Consultores company, the session’s aimed to develop reflection and strategic thinking in VUCA environments (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

Activities and corporate developpement

Opening of a delegation in New York: Dianova’s new delegation will improve Dianova’s representation to the United Nations headquarters and to the Organization of American States (OAS), the continent’s main political forum.

Collaboration agreement signed: The agreement, signed between Dianova and the General Board of Church and Society – GBCS ( United Methodist Church – UMC), will enable both organizations to do joint advocacy work on issues on common interest at the United Nations.

Web and social media – more than 1.700 posts published

Over 1,700 posts were published on Dianova’s website and social networks, 95% of which with original contents.

http://www.dianova.org- the website of Dianova International has had 21% more visitors compared to 2014, a PageRank of 5 out of 10 and an area of authority of 31 out of 100.

Specifications were developed for the construction of a new website (to open in March or April 2016) in the objective of strengthening the organization’s positioning online.

13 newsletters (Dianova NewsBriefs) have been emailed to about 850 subscribers, including 9 regular monthly newsletters and 4 issues related to specific events – click and open rates were significantly higher than the industry average (nonprofit sector).

Archives – Dianova Newsletter

Social networks indicators 2015

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube) – All social media related indicators have turned green.

4 indicators have been selected: Size (number of followers, fans or subscribers) with a 48% increase; Vitality (range, print, visualizations, mentions, favorites): + 72%; Activity (number of publications, posts and tweets): + 31%; and Influence (interactions, likes, shared content): +8402