Dianova Incorporates 3 New Associate Members

Ray of Hope (Pakistan), Slum Child Foundation (Kenya) and the Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (India) become associate members of the Dianova Network.

associate-membersAn action of solidarity carried out by an NGO like Dianova, even if it is particularly relevant or efficient, cannot attempt on its own to resolve the set of problems that are at the core of the needs it is trying to address. These problems may frequently be influenced by politics, which means that NGOs have to take an interest in public policies and develop strategies aimed at influencing them.

Following this logic and with the purpose of creating a critical mass and greater social impact, the Dianova Network passed the associate member status in 2014 as a base for future alliances. During the General Assembly of Dianova held in June 2016, the delegates from Dianova’s member organizations approved the accession of three associate members, in a total of four:

  • Drustvo Up – Slovenia: an organization which offers professional support, information, treatment, rehabilitation and psychological care and counselling for people with addiction problems and their families.
  • Ray of Hope – Pakistan: an organization that works in the area of addiction prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, education, training and humanitarian aid.
  • Slum Child Foundation – Kenya: an organization working with boys and girls from the slums in the areas of addiction and HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and the empowerment and promotion of children’s rights.
  • Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses – India: an organization that works for addiction prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS prevention, and assistance to homeless people, education, training and  social integration.

View a short summary of Dianova’s associate members’ action by clicking on their respective countries on this map

At Dianova we are very happy to be able to work in such close liaison with these organizations and we invite other organizations who are interested to visit our web page dedicated to new members and to contact us. Our belief is that together we will go farther!

Our newly elected assembly council gives a warm welcome to Ray of Hope, Slum Child Foundation and Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses!