Dianova Espartinas Club

Club Dianova Espartinas

Since its inception, the Las Marias Holistic Education Center has placed great emphasis on student sports. In Nicaragua, the latter represents a tool that is particularly appropriate to encouraging personal development and the adequate integration of youth. Las Marias center provided the country with many young sportsmen and sportswomen who have won a number of local and national competitions.

A Superb Victory

One of Las Marias’ greatest sports achievement occurred on June 13 at the gymnasium of the University of Managua, when the Dianova team proved its ability on the court by winning the National Junior Basketball Championship. In the course of doing so it defeated two of the country’s most successful teams, the Moravian College and the San Marcos de Controbasketball teams, who respectively won second and third places in the tournament.

“The boys erupted in joy and we will now do everything possible to give the best of ourselves at the Central American championship”,stateda justifiably emotional, Coach Daniel Tran, who accompanied the team to victory, along with with Francisco Huete, one of Las Marias’ professors.

The Dianova women’s team performed most commendably, placing third in the National Championships, making our young sportswomen among the very best in the country, after the Bluefields team which placed first in the tournament.
“The outcome we have achieved is just awesome, I’m very proud, because we managed to surpass some of the most renowned teams of the country. Now, next year, it’s our turn! Our success is a tremendous joy!”, announced Jennifer Guido, director of Las Marías.

The Dianova Espartinas Sports Club is dedicated to promoting sports practices based on fair play, team spirit and personal dedication. It also encourages young sportsmen and women to avoid resorting to the use of substance to achieve their good results.

En route to the Central America Championship

The victory was the admission ticket to the central America junior championships for the young basketball players, in addition 3 other athletes from Dianova Espartinas Club were selected by the Athletics Federation to represent their country at the same meeting held on July 11th in Guatemala.

This event represented a milestone for the young athletes who eventually won 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze, while the basketball team proudly fought for Dianova’s colors, eventually achieving a hard-fought third place

Congratulations to all!

The Dianova School in Nicaragua  is a private institution providing primary and secondary education to more than 400 students from rural and disadvantaged families every year – students whose school-fees are financed entirely by scholarships.  

The Las Marias Holistic Education Center is the place where live Dianova 75 boarder students. They receive complete support in addition to tuition, including all educational materials, health care, psychological counseling, clothing needs, athletic training and opportunities for sports competition – and more. Las Marias center is endorsed by the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Family and the Dianova primary and secondary schools by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nicaragua.