International Migrant Day

Providing the best service to those in need

In recent years, the coasts of Spain began to face an increase upsurge in migration, in particular through the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco. This predicament led to the need to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to those migrants, in order to meet their basic needs. This program is financed by the General Directorate of Migrations of the Spanish government. 

In August, 2014, the association Dianova Spain joined this initiative and transformed its Santa Lucía center (Madrid region) in a humanitarian assistance facility for immigrants in conditions of vulnerability. Dianova's humanitarian center aims to provide shelter in addition to comprehensive support services to meet the beneficiaries' basic needs, provide them with psychological and social follow up and help them integrate successfully within Spanish society. 

The program is supervised by an interdisciplinary team, comprising a psychologist, educators and social workers, education assistants and technical and administrative staff, for a total of 21 people dedicated to providing the best service to the people in need. The center works closely with health and social services as well as the municipalities of neighboring towns.

« I had the chance to get in touch with people from Dianova. The people who work here are both very human and very professional. I was warmly welcomed and I felt immediately accepted with my differences, my culture, my needs and also all my shortcomings. Now I am in Spain. I'm where I'll be able to build my life project! I hope to be able to get a job because I have experience and training in business management and computer science. I hope to get a job in the import-export business because I speak English and French » Amosa