Dianova Canada Becomes a Social Economy Enterprise

In Canada, Dianova is to implement 2 new projects in 2016

Representatives of the Dianova Network’s member organizations gathered at the yearly Assembly of Delegates presented their most innovative practices and projects in the various countries where the organization operates.

The Director General of Dianova Canada, Bruno Ferrari, made a brief historical reminder of the initiatives undertaken between 2006 and 2009 which permitted to ensure Dianova’s resource optimization through a relocation of its therapeutic activities and the opening of a new social housing project with community support.

 Almost ten years later, the organization’s ongoing efforts have borne fruit, and Dianova Canada moved from a community organization status to that of a social economy enterprise through active partnerships with organizations involved in Emergency housing and rehabilitation services, the public social and healthcare service network and private businesses interested in its project.

In terms of services, the Terrebonne addiction treatment center is now working at capacity and a second building for social housing has recently been opened, doubling the program's reception capacity. In 2016, Dianova Canada plans to go even further down the path of diversification and social economy with two new projects:

  •   The opening in January of a unit specializing in the care of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Severe Behavioral Disorders (ASD) – via an agreement with the health authorities in the Lanaudière region.
  •   The opening with support from the City of Montreal of a TAPAJ program (alternating work paid by the day), to help people in precarious situations improve their living conditions while promoting their social integration through a step-by-step integration into the labor market.

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Presentation by Dianova Canada