Dianova Becomes a “family-oriented” Organization

The EFR certification, awarded to Dianova in Spain, was issued by the Spanish foundation  “Másfamilia” which is dedicated to promote policies that foster a supportive work environment through the desire to treat all employees as elements critical to the daily management of the organization.

The EFR standards acknowledge Dianova’s commitment to promote a work-life balance, provide equal opportunities to all staff members, and contribute to the ongoing improvement of such areas.

The Másfamilia foundation granted this certification to Dianova Spain after the completion an internal and external audit on the organization’s human resources policy, according to the EFR 1000-1 standards. The Másfamilia foundation assessed a number of work-related policies and initiatives dedicated to work-life balance, including flexible work schedules, integration at work and equality of opportunities.

According to Rosario Jimenez Parras, Human Resources Director: “For the next three years, Dianova will develop various initiatives to improve employee training programs and implement measures to communicate more effectively about such initiatives.”

EFR certificationWith the EFR certification, Dianova renews its longstanding dedication to work-life balance and equal opportunities policies and to an ongoing improvement process of the latter – since the EFR accreditation was granted for a 3-year period after which another audit will be performed.

According to the Másfamilia foundation, organizations with EFR certification are “good employers, dedicated to provide a workplace which is flexible and respectful of every employee’s personal life. Such organizations have demonstrated their commitment to “family-oriented” responsibility.

The Másfamilia foundation is a private, independent,  nonprofit institution dedicated to  promote, defend and protect the interests of families.