Dianova and the Cuban academic world will sign collaboration agreement

New partnerships with the Matanzas University will generate contributions in areas such as scientific research and development of services

Meeting with Matanzas University representatives

(Left to right) Vice-Chancellor General of Matanzas U. of Medical Science, Judit Martínez; Director of Dianova Chile, David Brundu; Manager official of International Relations, Odalys Sherry; Director General of Dianova International, Montserrat Rafel, and Director General of Master Tour, Adolfo Cruz

The search for partnerships led Dianova International to Matanzas, Cuba. For four days -between 12 and 16 February- the Vice-President of Dianova International and Director of Dianova Chile, Davide Brundu, and Montserrat Rafel, Director General of Dianova International, held a series of meetings with authorities from the Cuban academic world with the aim of establishing synergies and collaboration agreements.

Dianova International will sign an Institutional Framework Agreement with the Matanzas University of Medical Sciences and another with the Faculty of Education and Pedagogical Sciences at Matanzas University, aiming to create mutual contributions in the areas of scientific research, development of services and initiatives to meet social needs, professional certification and methodology proposals, exchange of good practices, training, publications, seminars and conferences.

On behalf of the Matanzas University of Medical Sciences, the participating authorities in the meetings were Vice-Chancellor General, Judit Martínez; academic Vice-Chancellor, Mavidey Suárez, and Director of International Relations, Carlos Torres. The representatives of the Faculty of Education and Pedagogical Sciences at Matanzas University were International Relations Director, Laura Becalli, and Dean Ivis N. Piedra.

As part of the delegation, Adolfo Cruz, Director General of  Master Tour, took part in the meetings with academics and we took the opportunity to thank him for having created the link between our organisation and both universities.

Consequently, on the 28 and 29 June, Lisbon (Portugal) will witness the birth of a new cooperation agreement between universities and the third sector, with the official signing of the Framework Agreement in celebration of the Dianova Annual Assembly and our organisation’s 20-year anniversary.