Civil Society Meeting at UNESCO

The International NGO conference associated with UNESCO addressed the challenge of the digital revolution for NGOs

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Since its foundation, UNESCO has worked with NGOs, who have become key partners in carrying out the international organization’s activities and programmes. Currently, UNESCO has a valuable cooperative network with over 400 NGOs all over the world who have experience in the field of education, science, culture, communication, and youth work and information technology. Dianova International is one of them.

The UNESCO-NGO Liaison Committee is the platform for NGOs that work together in collaboration with UNESCO. The Committee represents the interests of civil society organizations, prepares meetings and celebrations of official UNESCO days, works to ensure effective working relations between international bodies and non- governmental organizations and promotes the exchange of experiences between civil society actors.

The Liaison Committee and NGOs working with UNESCO met in Paris from 12th-14th December. Under the title of “The challenge of the digital revolution for NGOs”, representatives from over a hundred NGOs, including Dianova International, discussed the importance of access to information through new technology, the impact of the digital revolution, and aspects of freedom of expression, such as the possibilities of promoting e-learning.

NGO International Conference

At internal level of the NGO platform, elections were held to elect a new President and executive committee for the next two years, they gave accounts of the work carried out in the last two years. To note, the organization of three international meetings that have dealt with issues like the role of women in the fight against poverty, and reconciliation of culture and peace.

Furthermore, during a three-day meeting, a work plan for the period of 2017-2018 was laid out. CdL´s stance in relation to the programme and UNESCO´s 2018-2021 budget was presented. The next International NGO Conference with official relations to UNESCO will take place in 2018.