Civil Society and Drug Policy

Briefing paper to support the advocacy work of civil society organizations in European drug policy

Briefing paper on EU drug policy

The involvement of Civil Society Organizations is considered to be one of the cornerstones in the formulation and implementation of drug policies

The European Union Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD), the European Commission’s expert group comprising 45 civil society organizations published at the end of 2018 an Information document on EU drug policy, the EU Action Plan and the need for civil society participation. This briefing paper gathers information on how to improve the participation of civil society in EU drug policies, addressing the different mechanisms, structures and tools with which civil society organizations can carry out their advocacy work at the European level.

Given its relevance the Civil Society Forum on Drugs has proceeded with the document’s translation. It is now available in English, Spanish and German. We hope this paper will be of interest to you!

Dianova has been a member of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs since 2013 and has participated in the drafting and revision of the manual.

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