Chile: “Developing Networks for an Educational Renewal”

International Seminar on Education - Cuba/Chile

An international seminar on education between Cuba and Chile was co-organized by Dianova Chile, the Yuntas company and a network of educational services EduGlobal

From 6 to 10 February, a seminar on education has been held in Santiago de Chile under the theme: “Developing Networks for an Educational Renewal”. The seminar was aimed at promoting more efficient educational and learning models to reach out to increasingly interconnected and globalized students.

The seminar was facilitated by four experts in educational sciences from Matanzas Camilo Cienfuegos university (Cuba) and was aimed at teachers, students in educational sciences, representatives from elementary, middle and pre-university education, college principals and educational psychologists, among others.

As pointed out Marco Antonio del Rio, director of Dianova’s educational services in Chile : « Cuba has set an example of how a country with limited resources could be able to reach good results. Organizing such an international event in Chile offers the opportunity to incorporate the key elements of this educational model to Chile’s teachers’ knowledge and skills »

The seminar has been acclaimed by all participants as reflect the evaluations conducted afterwards, as well as the level of participation and the friendliness of exchanges between participants, organizers and speakers. Cuban experts have demonstrated seriousness, rigor and generosity throughout the leaning process.

As a conclusion, Cuban speaker, Dr. Margarita Gonzales stressed that “The seminar had surpassed our expectations”, a sentiment which reflected that of the majority of participants