Care and Support for Infants and Families

In Uruguay, Dianova will manage a centre dedicated to providing infants and families with appropriate care and support

CAIF Punta de Manga, Uruguay

The new CAIF centre, managed by Dianova, will cater for 108 children aged 0 to three – Photo: Puntas de Manga Centre, courtesy of Government of Uruguay, all rights reserved

In Uruguay, the education and daily care of children in early childhood centres, socio-educational services and community homes is recognized as a right that responds to socio-cultural changes and the need for care outside the home.

Since 1988, the Uruguayan government has been developing the CAIF plan (early childhood care and support centres), a cross-sectoral public policy involving partnerships between the State, civil society organizations and municipalities. The aim of the CAIF plan is to guarantee the protection and promote the rights of the child, from conception to the age of three, by giving priority to families living in situations of poverty and/or social vulnerability, through different modalities located in urban or rural areas.

Quality care

The CAIFs offer high-quality care, with a focus on comprehensiveness, interdisciplinarity and networking, using a methodology adapted to the results of research on early childhood. CAIF centres provide extensive care for children and their families in partnership with health services.

The CAIF plan aims to promote integral development and learning, while helping to reinforce parental skills in terms of care and education. The CAIF plan aims to

  • provide care and learning opportunities for children in their early years
  • promote their well-being and overall development
  • encourage the participation of children, families and the community.
  • promote adequate nutrition and healthy habits for children and their families
  • to help overcome inequalities and promote a fairer society.

For the Uruguayan government, the CAIF plan is an undeniable success, with some 490 centres already operating throughout the country, and 41 more due to open this year.

“CAIF Puntas de Manga – Learn, Grow, Achieve”

Following a call for tenders, Dianova Uruguay was recently entrusted with the management of an outpatient CAIF centre, under the supervision of INAU, the Uruguayan Institute for Children and Adolescents. The centre is located in Montevideo, the country’s capital, in the working-class neighbourhood of Puntas de Manga, a semi-rural area on the outskirts of the city.

For the Dianova Uruguay Foundation, the “CAIF Puntas de Manga” represents a foray into the world of early childhood care. And it will undoubtedly not be Dianova’s last experience in this field, given that the Foundation is not ruling out the possibility of managing other centres of this type in the near future.

It should be emphasized that each CAIF centre has to design and implement its own institutional project – to be evaluated and updated on a yearly basis – which must take into account all the aspects required to meet the Plan’s objectives and quality criteria. However, the general framework for intervention is provided by INAU’s early childhood programme.

The CAIF Puntas de Manga will comprise a professional team of 25 people, including a centre coordinator, pre-school education trainers, educators, cooks and kitchen assistants, a psychomotor therapist, a psychologist and a social worker.

Starting from December 1st, 2023, the centre will cater for 108 children aged 0 to 2 years and 11 months and will offer daily, weekly or multi-weekly pre-school education depending on the age of the children, as well as support services for families or socio-emotional referents. The centre will be dedicated above all to protecting and promoting children’s rights, giving priority to those from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or in socially vulnerable situations.

Building a stronger, more united society

The result of a public/private partnership, the brand new Puntas de Manga facility was officially handed over to the INAU authorities by the construction company at an official event held at the beginning of October. In attendance were Dr Álvaro Delgado, Secretary to the Presidency, Pablo Abdala and Dinorah Gallo, respectively President and Managing Director of INAU, as well as a number of prominent figures from the government and local authorities. At the same event, the Dianova Uruguay Foundation team was officially presented as the manager of the CAIF project, officially named “CAIF Puntas de Manga – Aprender, Crecer, Realizar” (Learn, Grow, Achieve).

Following speeches by Drs Delgado and Abdala, Mr. Fabrizio Glisenti, Director of Dianova Uruguay, took the floor to emphasize the importance of this new challenge for our organization, a symbol of its commitment to future generations.

“We will build a space where children and their families receive support and guidance, where early development is promoted and family bonds are strengthened. What we want is for this facility to become a second home for each family, where they can find professional support, guidance and understanding.” – Fabrizio Glisenti