An Hommage to Björn

Björn (right), with one of our beneficiaries

Björn Fältman, collaborator of Dianova in Sweden, left us in the morning of October 25th.  Björn´s journey with Dianova started in one of the organization’s therapeutic communities in Sardinia (Italy), a place he always talked about with a lot of passion and where he had left his mark: he had taken the initiative to plant hundreds of trees in a place which is now remembered as “the Björn forest”.

During his time in Italy Björn learned how to speak Italian and he loved the Italian culture, food, language and fashion (he was a regular at Armani).  When he came home, he joined the Italian club in Sweden and spent most of his holidays in Italy.

Since he returned to Sweden, he has been a leading figure in Dianova Sweden and through his enthusiasm and optimism; he was an inspiration to both colleagues and clients.

Björn loved his job and helping others, with his experience, his humility and knowledge he always contributed with good advice and when difficult and complicated situations arose, he always managed to take them down into pieces and give a clear picture.  He had an analytical ability that made him always see solutions instead of problems.

Our board of Directors in Sweden, and other Dianova executivesBjörn always had different project that he was very engaged with, going on.  He managed to create collaboration between Dianova Sweden and the academic world, he co-founded and participated in various user councils, he always had some idea of what we could do to help people in the best way.

There are people who we will always remember for a variety of reasons.  Björn will be remembered for his optimism and fighting spirit.  Just a few weeks ago he attended a conference, despite his severe illness, with pride and joy.

We will also remember his for his humor and for spreading joy so many times at work.  We shared many laughs and fun times together.

Björn Fältman, Elena Goti (center)Amidst all the loss and grief we feel peace and joy that Björn showed that he was happy and proud of the life he had lived.  In his later years he shared friendship and love with Eva, who also became his companion.  He had also re-created a warm and loving relationship to his children that he very proud of. He was loved!

A few days ago, when Björn went to the hospital he told the doctor that he had a job to do, the doctor sad ” Your job has always been important to you”, whereupon Björn replied “Yes, but I am important for them too!”
Björn, you will always be in our hearts, we miss you very much!

Cipriana and the team of Dianova in Sweden