AIDS Prevention Campaign: Dianova Italy Partner of the Ministry of Health


Dianova Italy is one of the partners of a campaign launched by the Ministry of Health to raise awareness on AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). The campaign was launched on a dedicated website under the motto: “United against AIDS”.

Funded by the Italian Ministry of Health, the website “United against AIDS” aims to reinforce risk perception as regards HIV infection and to promote a correct knowledge of the modes of transmission of the virus and a basic understanding of how to protect oneself. All statements in the website are based on science-based information.

The campaign targets the general population with a specific focus on the group populations more prone to risky behaviors, including migrants, men who have sex with men, as well as young people and women in general. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Institute for Health, the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious diseases and a number of patients  associations.

The campaign’s core concept revolves around a few, key-messages: raising awareness of the existence and extent of the problem, empowerment of people to help them adopt safer behaviors and adequately protect their health and the health of others; and finally inciting people to modify their behaviors.