Agreement Signed Between Dianova and Vallnord

Press conference - Dianova and the Vallnord Foundation

Dianova International and the Vallnord Foundation of Andorra have signed an agreement to implement cooperation initiatives aiming at improving the quality of life of socially at-risk young people.

The president of the Vallnord Foundation, Josep María Camp, and the president of Dianova International, José Ángel Muñiz, have signed a cooperative agreement to implement charitable initiatives designed to help young people in the areas of education, youth development and addiction prevention and treatment.

Through the Vallnord Foundation, the Vallnord ski resort already contributes to other global awareness initiatives and has funded activities that help young people and the institutions that serve them. The foundation is, for example, presently sponsoring children in Peru, Nicaragua and Vietnam.

The foundation also offers free ski passes to a variety of social service organizations, such as “La Gavernara” a center for children, the Andorran Celiac Association, the Multiple Sclerosis Association and the Nuestra Señora de Meritxell school. Last Christmas the foundation conducted a campaign they called, “A toy for every child”.

This cooperative agreement consolidates a 5-year relationship between Dianova and the ski resort, during which the residents and staff Dianova centers are able to enjoy free skiing and other winter activities, thanks to the generosity of Vallnord.