Addiction in Catalonia

Dianova participated in the 10th Drug Addiction Conference at the University of Barcelona: “Values, Health, and Addictions in the Catalonia of the Future”

10th Drug Addiction Conference at the University of Barcelona

The conference was attended by about 160 people, most of whom were addiction professionals or students – photo: Dianova

In order to bring the issue of addiction to the attention of academic community, Projecte Home Catalunya and the University of Barcelona organized the 10th Drug Addiction Conference in Barcelona this past November 30. This year’s central theme was “Values, Health, and Addictions in the Catalonia of the Future,” which gave an opportunity to analyze the current situation, future risks, and possible answers from different angles. About 160 people attended the conference, with the majority being addiction professionals and university students.

After the opening meeting, there were two outstanding presentations on how to influence individual and collective values, looking at drug addiction and our present situation from a historical perspective.

As part of two round tables seeking to answer the questions of whether or not we are effectively treating addictions and what problems can emerge in the addiction field, the attendees discussed interesting issues such as which approaches to youth prevention campaigns are effective; the needs for addiction treatment and social reintegration of addicts in Catalonia; the problem of other addictions, such as technology addiction; the problems shared with senior citizens -especially loneliness-, and the incidence of dual pathology in cases of problematic consumption.

Dianova International’s Lucía Goberna presented on how drug policies are dealt with on an international scale along with some other current issues, especially issues concerning the United Nations, such as how civil society organizations can become involved at this level.

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We believe collaboration between civil society organizations and the academia is essential, and we are thankful to Projecte Home Catalunya for thir invitation to participate in this conference.