A Charity Concert to Help Nicaragua

A charity concert to help Nicaragua

This coming October 29th, the National Auditorium of The City of Madrid will host the Santa Cecilia Classical Orchestra for a special concert dedicated to the finest film soundtracks.The concert will help raise funding dedicated to improving the water and electrical supply systems of Dianova’s Las Marias School in Nicaragua.


A campaign promoting the event was initiated last week with the opening of the online box-office of Madrid’s National Auditorium at its web site, www.servicaixa.com (direct link).

The auditorium is divided into four distinct zones, each dedicated to a separate price range, Zone A, 50 €; zone B, 35 €, zone C, 28 € and zone D, 20 €. (view a plan of the concert hall)

Those who are not able to attend the concert are invited to purchase special tickets which will be allocated by the event’s organizers. For additional information, please call (34) 902 11 22 34 or access the web site, www.llevareluzyagua.org.

The proceeds from the concert will help to finance improvements to the water and electrical systems at Dianova’s Las Marias School in Nicaragua, an institution which provides educations to more than 400 students whose families, for the most part, reside in the country’s most disadvantaged rural areas.

Bringing water at Las Marias centerThe concert will take place on October 29th, at 10.00 pm, at Madrid’s National Auditorium and Symphonic Hall. The Santa Cecilia orchestra, under the direction of Cristóbal Solar, will play a number of the renown soundtracks that have accompanied some of the world’s greatest films.

It is worth mentioning that the Santa Cecilia orchestra is a member of the Excelentia foundation, the objective of which is to promote and share new values in music.

Should you not wish to buy your seats immediately, we respectfully invite you to follow the preparation for the event on Facebook (Llevaré luz y agua) and Twitter (@llevareluzyagua).

The curtain is about to open. Please contribute to providing water and lighting to the children of Las Marias center and remember that a little generosity can go a long way!

Dianova School Nicaragua

Bringing light at Las Marias center

The Dianova School in Nicaragua is a private institution providing primary and secondary educations to more than 400 students from rural and disadvantaged families every year. The school fees of both commuting and boarding students are entirely financed by scholarships, a practice which helps to prevent dropout.

Las Marias Education Center

Dianova’s seventy-five boarding students live at the Las Marias Holistic Education Center, where they receive all needed support in addition to tuition, including all educational materials, health care, psychological counseling, clothing needs, athletic training, opportunities for sports competition – and more. Both the Las Marias center and the school are licensed by the Nicaraguan government – the center by the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Family and the Dianova primary and secondary school by the Ministry of Education.