2nd Solidarity Day at “Catalunya en Miniatura”

'Solidarity Day' at Catalunya en Miniatura theme pak

On Sunday, September 15, the Catalunya en Miniatura theme park will celebrate its second “Solidarity Day”, the objective of which is to collect funds in support of the Esther del Rio-Las Marias college in Nicaragua.

A number of activities will be organized to reach the general public, including the sale of bracelets, small train rides around the park’s famous monuments, not to mention the ‘Banzai’ zipline’s soaring thrill. There is fun for audiences of all ages at only 13 km from Barcelona.

About Dianova in Nicaragua

Founded in 1986, the Dianova foundation in Nicaragua aims to contribute to the educational development of low-income and vulnerable adolescents stemming from dysfunctional families and most of whom live in the country’s poor rural areas. The Esther del Rio – Las Marías Integral Education Center has been affiliated, since 2010, to UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network.

Catalunya en Miniatura

In March 2012, Dianova became the majority shareholder of the family company Catalunya en Miniatura and their alliance thus became effective. Declared a National Point of Interest for tourists, the Catalonia in Miniature theme park provides visitors with a pleasant walk outdoors through a permanent exhibition of the most outstanding works of art of the architecture of Catalonia. In addition, the park is now dedicated to offer genuine learning and adventure-based experiences.

Interested in visiting the Catalunya en Miniatura theme park? Please click here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= Wz_C_NPyNmY